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Molded on wooden forms and stitched by hand, the Form Airtag Keychain is a secure and stylish way to keep track of your keys. 


Hardware available in matte black or shiny nickel. Will come as shown unless otherwise requested. Choose from the colors shown here or order a custom color combination from any of the leathers seen on the site. *This product must be monogrammed before stitching and monograms therefore take 2-3 days longer to ship.


  • -French calf is a very "naked" skin, which allows one to see the details of the natural skin. It holds up wonderfully - most scratches can be rubbed out using just your thumb and if a spot becomes dark due to moisture or oil, it usually disappears on its own with time, though the overall color does usually darken. In short, it patinas beautifully.

    -French goat has more of a grain, is more waterproof and very resistant to scratches.

    -Natural vegetable tanned leather, which will darken over times and is the most naked of the leather types. Airtag pocket is leather lined.

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