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Hand-stitched watch bands for the smaller of the Apple watch sizes.

Adapters: Fit watches 38-41mm. Come standard in shiny stainless; black and other finishes available upon request.


The clasp

Custom-molded buckle made in the USA of either sterling silver plated in rhodium to prevent tarnishing (+$50) or brass with a special ceramic coating that is matte black. Choose from the colors shown here or order a custom color combination from any of the leathers seen on the site.


Size is 143mm-178mm in circumference with watch. Custom sizes available upon request.


  • Leather

    -French calf is a very "naked" skin, which allows one to see the details of the natural skin. It holds up wonderfully - most scratches can be rubbed out using just your thumb and if a spot becomes dark due to moisture or oil, it usually disappears on its own with time, though the overall color does usually darken. In short, it patinas beautifully.

    -French goat has more of a grain, is more waterproof and very resistant to scratches.

    -Natural vegetable tanned leather, which will darken over times and is the most naked of the leather types.

    -All lined with French, hypoallergenic calf and stamped on the interior with the Form logo. 

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