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There is no gift like one that is made specifically for the person in mind. The options we offer take personalization to a meaningful and intimate level with craftsmanship that is sure to last a lifetime. Below are a collection of prior works.



A custom project for a special shoe designer who loves Gundam. This included inspirational words and his initials foil-stamped on the interior wallet (swipe to see additional photos) and a design hand-painted on the front. Liz Beth, who was trained by Goyard did the painting.


Bespoke clutch for Ursula Burns, former CEO of Xerox. The face of the clutch is done in marquetry (carefully cutting the design out of different colors of leather and inlaying it). It commemorates places that are unique to her story - where her family is from, where she grew up and the Xerox building. Inspirational quotes from her mom are foil stamped on the lining.



A birthday day gift for a NYC entrepreneur's then fiance, the task was to make a laptop case honoring his favorite band. We decided to make the iconic symbol in marquetry, with Liz Beth painting only parts of the skull at the end.


The annual Pride Month rainbow piece is done in marquetry, an old leatherworking technique that involves splitting different colors of leather to exactly the same thickness, cutting them precisely and inlaying them. The laptop case also included the final step of laser etching "Psychology Safety," an ode to the benefit everyone enjoys when we celebrate pride.

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